We offer control of products and supervision of the showroom, which includes:

  • regular store visits
  • product placement in showroom
  • showroom (commercial space) design
  • efficient use of vending machine
  • advertising design in showroom
  • control over inventory savings in order to achieve continuous selling of goods – OOS monitoring
  • providing required qualification level of the sellers, especially sellers – advisers
  • stimulation actions for sale goods (tastings, lotteries, etc.)

Price audit

  • price aggregation in shops
  • price comparing on trading place, market


  • presentations
  • product consultation
  • campaigns


  • failures of product placement in showrooms and this loophole reasons
  • assess and report on the most common issues in showrooms
  • reports on the amount of distribution
  • reports on the number of places/shelves occupied and additional placements in various brands
  • reports on the availability of products on the shelves and selling prices
  • reports on the awareness of the products and product design
  • various questions that are the responsibility of store managers in stores
  • other reports upon client’s request

Web design

  • design suitable for the company’s business
  • development of details, buttons, banners, etc. for web
  • necessary layouts in various formats
  • website “imposition” on the server

Logo design

  • research of company
  • applying logo design (several options)
  • logo templates in various formats and colors

Stand design

  • appropriate stand design for one or many products
  • possibility to prepare, print, install in stores

Brochures, package

  • design of miscellaneous information brochures and any kind-of handouts
  • packaging design and manufacture